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    Urban design in Karaiskakis stadium area, Athens, Greece.
Urban design in Karaiskakis stadium area 

The area of Karaiskaki stadium is characterised by its low altitude rates and it is close to the sea. The region around contains residential blocks and an old industrial zone with major Greek factories that were active almost half a century ago. In the north of the site, there are CHROPE factory and the traffic axis of Peiraios. In the south is another major traffic axis of Omiridou Skilitsi, the extension of Poseidonos Avenue. In the east side there is the Karaiskaki stadium and a third big traffic line, Veikou Avenue. Finally, the west side is defined by a residential core with low height and old buildings. 
The challenge of this urban design thesis is to create a park with mostly plantation and secondly residences and other activities.

The idea of this project is based on axis and alignments. There are several paths and routes that connect different areas. The industrial north pole is connected with the south region of the sea. The east zone is connected with commercial and trade buildings with the residential area.
The low altitude gives the opportunity to create large green spaces that could be used as playgrounds and as free spaces with multipurpose use. Also there will be plantation which is the guide for the division of the region in different type of spaces and stops inside the park.

The built qualities of the project include seven large residential cores with similar shape but whose main target is to create and invoke a motion in space. Their plan changes in levels so little horizontal movements can create the feeling of motion in space. Other built structures are an athletic center and a commercial center. There are also, a small theater, some small school facilities (which are necessary for the whole area) and seven outdoor basketball courts.
 Area plan
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Shopping center plan
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