Discovery Collection: Raptors

Some of the most iconic dinosaurs are the sickle-clawed ‘raptors’ like Velociraptor. Most raptors were pretty small, about the size of chickens and turkeys, and every single one was feathered. They’re important to paleontologists for their central place in understanding the origin of birds. This issue of the Discovery Collection takes a look at some of the incredible diversity in size and habits of the raptors. 

The five articles in this 38-page zine originally appeared in, compiled and edited by Pete Buchholz, and accompanied by new, exclusive images by Julio Lacerda.

This zine features illustrations by Fabrizio De Rossi, Julio Lacerda, Joschua Knüppe, Midiaou Diallo, Nathan Rogers, and Oliver Demuth.

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Discovery Collection: Raptors