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    Major Project II with a Sustainable theme and I chose eco organic cotton fashion for my project.
Major Project II
 (School Project)
Creative: To raise awareness eco organic cotton fashion and to promote the use of sustainable fashion.
Craft: To deepen the knowledge and information about fashion production.
Social: To educate people about eco fashion, materials, production and advantage by wearing it. Both help protecting us and the environment. 

ETRICAN = Ethical & Intricate
The logo designed to be straight forward as it is minimalist, it sells the brand and the shop name. The leaves shape in the alphabet 'r' indicates the environmental feeling to show that Etrican is selling eco friendly fashion. The tagline followed to communicate the aim that changing from conventional cotton to organic cotton is not a hard thing to do. Plus the impact of wearing the organic cotton is much better than wearing conventional cotton. 
The series of posters are designed to communicate the aim of the communicate the aim of the campaign towards the intended target audience. The image of the young adults are intended to be a bit blurry as people can focus more on the facts lists.
Website Design
The website designed in minimalist way to make it easy for people to use. The colors are the same tone as posters (green & recycled paper background) to maintain the look. The website provides all informations about the brand of the company, philosopy, benefits of wearing organic cotton, the community involvement and the product itself. It includes clothing for ladies, men and accessories.
True fashion is about non-toxicity. If fashion pollutes, it should no longer be called fashion. It should be called pollution.  - Horst Rechelbacher