Written for and inspired by Orchid from Venus
By Jeff Reeve

so odd so very very odd
to see a flower
from venus
land in my front yard
near the porch steps
as if the newspaper carrier had thrown
where it might land
perhaps my onetime venus woman
gifted her flower to the wrong man

so odd so very very odd
an orchid none the less
like the ones carved in the stone
of roman temples
to worship the goddess of love
her bounteous beauty awakening
erotic exotic energy
enlarging virility
encouraging fertility
enflaming passion

so odd so very very odd
that the woman I worshipped
who owned my soul
years ago
long after she'd left
long after breaking my heart
long after declaring we are aliens
from differnt planets
now she sends me a sensual orchid of
erotic exotic energy
so odd so very very odd
Orchid from Venus