Silver Student ADDY Award Winner 2010. Patrick Stewart magazine cover. For this assignment I had to illustrate a photo of someone and then use it on a magazine cover of my choice. I chose Empire magazine because it has a lot of content dealing with movies and Hollywood. This project was my first ever time using Adobe Illustrator. 
Product Re-Imagining. For this assignment I had to take an existing product and then visualize it as a new product. I used an Art Deco theme to spoof the name of a popular cookie (a snicker doodle) by playing off the common practice in dog breeding where any breed mixed with a poodle ends in "doodle."
Historical Poster. For this assignment I had to illustrate a poster that dealing with a historic event, in my case the first man to walk in space. My favorite part about this poster is how the elements move your eye around in a continuous loop.
Brochure - Outside. This is an accompanying piece for the historical poster. For this assignment I had to create a secondary item that would go along with the historical poster. I chose to create a brochure that would be used at the Kennedy Space Center. If this were to be an actual brochure then it would be part of a series highlighting moments in space travel. 
Brochure - Inside. This is the inside of the brochure highlighting the first few decades of space travel. 
My task for this exercise was to create picograph road signs for the following subjects: Coffee district, Republican or Democrat Crossing, Lovers Lane, Heaven or Hell Ahead, and Dinosaur Reffuge. I wanted to make my images appear as realistic as possible so that they wouldn't look out of place alongside the road.
Magazine Cover - With accompanying spread. For this project I had to create a magazine that could be produced by for use by churches. I took the photograph used on the cover while on vacation and found that it fit my needs perfectly. The main story headline is featured prominently and can be seen on the following spread. 
Magazine Spread. This spread goes along with the previous cover. The photo was taken by me.
Banner Stand for Bid Advantage 34in x 98in - I created this banner for a local company who needed it for a trade show. The time frame was tight but I was able to get it done in time.