Elite Pro 2

The Elite Pro 2 gaming headset brings pro-level performance, premium-tuned sound, and long-lasting comfort to gamers.  The headset features a stripped down, light weight steel headband design along with a floating headband cushion.  Smooth athletic fabric and memory foam earcup cushions along with internal cooling gel pads allow for long lasting comfort and hours of enjoyment.  The design also features detachable magnetic speaker plates which allow gamers to customize their headset. 

The headset comes in two distinct colorways; white with brushed metal finishes (Xbox) and black with gun metal accents (Ps4).  Both headset come paired with their own small Amp which allows for professional control of volume and chat settings.  The Amp was designed with a single intuitive, knurled control wheel which allows gamers to tune their audio experience for new levels of in game enjoyment.

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