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    A new fence utilizes recycled gravel sieves to create a translucent screen upon which vines can grow.
In this fence for our friend Teddy the dog trainer, we employed a combination of corrugated metal and recycled gravel sieves to create different levels of privacy at various points around the perimeter of the property.  The more public front face is translucent, while the back yard is surrounded completely by an opaque privacy fence.  The fence slowly increases in height from the front yard to the back.  At the same time, the mesh panels slowly dissolve into the corrugated metal ones in a semi-random pattern. One of the challenges presented by the client was to design a front gate latch that his dog, Mr. Baby, could open from the outside only.  A solar powered driveway gate and a secondary, alley-side pedestrian gate allow for flexible circulation through the enclosure.

Project by:
Design Team: Nicolas Rivard, Jonas Fox
Build Team: Jonas Fox, Will Fox, Nicolas Rivard, Alex Rivard, Meegan Beddoe, Brittany Cooper