Text by Fina Girbés / Illustrations by Julio Antonio Blasco / Andana Publisher

In the words of the editorial:
Poetry, like music, is the best accompaniment to round out the most special moments of our life, or the simplest, the rain, the silence, the magic, the kisses. Nothing will help us so much to rediscover the joy of living as good verses recited aloud, alone, on top of the chair, with the complicity of the family, or with friends and colleagues. We listen to the recommendation of Fina Girbés and celebrate life with poetry, that the verses sound, we sing in chorus.
The strength of the poetry of Fina Girbés and the light of the illustrations of Julio Antonio Blasco have coincided in That they sound the verses! and they have turned the reading of the poems into a burst of energy and illusion that is highly recommended.