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When you train regularly, the diet must be balanced to cover the needs of the body, allow it to recover well and avoid all the inconvenience and injury that can cause deficiencies.
Men with a higher basal metabolism than women need to be sure that caloric intake is adequate.
The basics of a sports regime for a man
A balanced eating routine during periods of intense physical activity should include the right intake of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, proteins, fats, carbohydrates and omega 3. The goal is indeed to ensure that the body receives not only its basic nutritional intake, but also those needed as part of regular sports training.
And depending on whether you train regularly for fun, or that you are preparing a major challenge like a marathon or a trail, the calorie intake must absolutely be adjusted.
The goals and benefits of a balanced sports regime
By adjusting his diet, a sportsman will:
To cover your energy needs
Do not run out of energy (hypoglycemia, fatigue)
Reduce the risk of injury
Have a better recovery
Do not lose muscle
Do not suffer from anemia
Do not accelerate oxidative stress
Beyond performance, keeping the body healthy in a sustained training environment is therefore one of the major pillars of a good sports diet.
The best food sources for the sporty man
They are of several kinds. It is fundamental to ensure a sufficient intake of carbohydrates (particularly complex, such as whole pasta, whole couscous or bulgur), lean protein to have enough protein without detonating the fat content of a meal, in good lipids to avoid injuries ... and all sufficiently accompanied by regular hydration.
Conversely, it is advisable to avoid refined, processed foods, alcohol and added sugars.
What must be remembered from this type of male sports regime is that it is primarily intended to preserve the body from possible injuries, while giving him the maximum chance to boost his performance. All this and more, since it will usually help to help build muscle mass while gradually nibbling away the fatter parts of the body.
The ideal silhouette is not so far away!