ALDARIS porteris ekskluzīvais
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Aldaris, Latvia’s leading beer brewery, is celebrating the centenary of the state’s restoration by presenting a porter that is maturing since 2013. Five years, limited edition, bottles with the Aldaris logo pressed in glass, all packed by hand – this is the brand’s most expensive beer, positioned as super premium.    

The task was to create a design that could reflect the exceptional quality, the long maturing period, and was suitable to pack by hand. With a focus on the beer’s brewing date, 2013, the label had to be easy to stick firmly on the bottle, and it had to stay there, as well as ideally inspire patriotism by linking the beer with Latvia’s centennial celebrations.


After experimenting with various shapes of the labels, fastening methods, and consulting the packers at the Aldaris brewery, we concluded that the best solution is a time-tested one. That’s right, just like we’re all wrapping the most valuable presents. 

We used dark red (main colour of the Latvian flag) silk paper, an exceptional label with a focus on the year 2013, and paper that’s pleasant to touch because of the embossed and foil-covered print of the details. The packers glue every label in a slightly different angle – this makes the whole concept unique since there are no two identical packages.

Client: Aldaris
Marketing manager: Inga Berkoviča

Agency: étiquette
Prepress design: Žymantas Abromaitis
Account management: Rita Dargytė

Paper supplier: Antalis
Printing manufacturing: Print Storm
Product photo shoot: Darius Petrulaitis
© étiquette, 2018, Vilnius

ALDARIS porteris ekskluzīvais
Multiple Owners