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    Personal stationary and logo. A result of hours of tweaking in Cinema 4D.
Personal stationary and logo
Your own brand and logo... One of the most difficult jobs there is. After trying a ton of different styles over the past years, I landed on this, and it’s a keeper. Its a result of my experiments with metaballs in Cinema 4D,  starting off as an animation to test some tweaks here and there. Printed on 400gr paper, embossed logo, color: black/white, black/yellow. I chose black/white because it's really not that expensive to print and the emboss finish on the logo add's enough punch anyway. To have some contrast on the rather 'plain' stationary i chose to add some color. Recto color is 100% yellow, verso is 100% magenta.
Client: Myself
Role: Design & Rendering
Date: 2011