Kitten Smack! (Geek Jam 2018 @ GIC)
is a rhythm-based side-scroller created by "Team Schnitzel" consisting of: Rene Kienauer, Thomas Feichtmeir, Vadim Kibardin and myself Raphael Varga. We developed the game for the 44-hour "Geek-Jam" at the GIC 2018 and it's rated as one of the top three projects there. It even was shown in Hall 1 of the event-venue.
You can view a short gameplay-showreel via this link: Hope you like it :)! - Release & Review
Kitten Smack is available for free on! You can find it on the account of my dear friend Thomas Feichtmeir, who also was part of the dev-team:

Furthermore, we also received a short nice review about the game. You can find it here :):
Game-Concept Summary
You have to get to the other side of the level without getting touched by the monster, because everytime you do, you lose one life and your pool is limited to three. Meaning if all lifes are lost the game is over. You navigate through the level with 2 basic player-verbs:
Basically, a knock-back in a specific direction which is executed by pressing the LMBT.
2. Charged Smack:
A charged-up knock-back which let's you overcome higher distances, but this ability has to be properly aimed, by actually hitting the cat with the hand.

The neat little tweak is that everytime you use your abilities the monster gets a slight nudge into your direction. Meaning a higher skill execution with less clicks to overcome the obstacles is rewarded.

   - Core-System/Mechanic Design
   - Balancing of Core-Systems and Mechanics

   - Paper-Design
   - Greyboxing/Prototyping
   - Level Polishing (Environment Creation etc.
Level Design
Here are some paper-designs I did for the level design. I divided them into two sections:
I started out with two tutorial-sections where I wanted to introduce the player into the mechanics. These 2 sequences are thorougly planned out to incite specific movement-behaviour. Furthermore, the monster is triggered as soon as these two tutorial-sequences are finished. On top of that also the environment changes visually from beautiful grassy landscapes into wasteland.
Later on, I decided what I call "Standard-Patterns", which basically are modular level-tiles with a specific obstacle to overcome. I take them and stick them next to each other to create new level-obstacles. This enhances the possibility for the player to not only learn the game-mechanic patterns, but also how to use them within reoccuring level-design patterns.
Game-Concept Documentation
Here I'll show you a short game-concept document which I've written at the start of the project for the programmer, so he had an overview of what mechanics we need and which public-variables I need as a designer. I broke each mechanic up into three sections:
1. Base-Information:
What kind of mechanic is it and how does it work.
2. Controls:
If it is a player-verb, which buttons are pressed to activate it.
3. Variables:
Which variables do I as a designer need to balance the game properly.
Thank you very much for your time and interest :)!
Kitten Smack! (Geek Jam 2018 @ GIC)

Kitten Smack! (Geek Jam 2018 @ GIC)

Kitten Smack is a rhythmic sidescroller set in a surreal world. You have to save a kitten by soundblasting it forward, or if you are evil, you al Read More