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    A sampling of our bumpers for the new M-Encore television channel in Canada.
For our logo animations for the new M-Encore (a Canadian movie channel), the approach was to keep it short and simple. We focused on animations with smart transitions that were whimsical and fun. The M-Encore colours are orange and black, but we added hints of white and red to the palette to spice things up.
To keep the branding streamlined, we structured each of the animations in the same way: the M-Encore film frame works as an introduction, which then holds the animation with the film frame transforming into the M-Encore logo at the end. In terms of the story, each animation references two to three movies of different genres. 
Then, of course there is the sound design: created by our longtime pal and collaborator John Black of CypherAudio, it's fun, easy, and accessible sounding for those who tune in.