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    Check out our fun 8-bit viral video for Toyota Canada!
We were invited by the folks at Saatchi to send in a bunch of ideas for an ongoing series of Toyota shorts. The creative team loved our concept of 8-bit pixel graphics in photographic scenes, and boom--we were given that rare opportunity to have total freedom over telling the story.
The biggest creative challenge on the project was to make the piece as much fun as possible, and to find the right balance between photo elements and animated pixel characters. For inspiration, we dove into '80s culture and its awesome old-school video games. 

On the technical side, there was an extra tight timeline on the project. This meant that instead of live-action footage, there was only time to use photographic stills as plates for the shots. Making those stills come to life ate up a huge chunk of the process: selecting, editing, and emulating a real environment out of the photos. 
And for more interesting tidbits for all those geeks curious to know... The car shots were done in 3D. The pixel characters were all cell-animated using photoshop... zoomed way in to a canvas so small we could have had the whole thing printed on a grain of rice. The elements were all assembled in After Effects, along with the hand-held camera effects and parallax. We hope you enjoy!

P.S. Directors Leo & Luis are happy to have you know that 'an amazing selection of snacks' were consumed during the production of this spot.