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    A Tendril-animated infographics video for the experts in content management, OpenText.
A video created with CIOs (Chief Information Officers) as the target audience, but creative and clever enough to strike a chord with the general public? It was daunting, but we were also pretty excited to take a shot. In 2011, we created a very glossy, high-tech, high-brow video for OpenText, a major player in the arena of enterprise information management. This time, though, the tone and requirements were completely different, calling for something warm and playful.
After a few brainstorming sessions, we jumped onto a call with the team at OpenText to discuss a a range of possibilities, from ultra-minimal, flat infographics all the way to data sculptures inspired by the work of Nathalie Miebach. In the end, we settled on something minimal and graphic, but with finely crafted keyframe animation.
One of the challenges on the project was keeping the infographics unique, but still accessible. Rather than rely on conventional visual representations of data, we created our own library of abstract iconography inspired by stock market charts and architectural blueprints. 

We hope you watch it over and over and find something new each time!