RETTLAND is the membership magazine of the Elternhilfe für Kinder mit Rett-Syndrom in Deutschland e.V. (German association for children with Rett syndrome). Supporting parents whose daughters are diagnosed with this neurodevelopmental disorder, the Elternhilfe publishes the magazine bi-annually. Parents share their stories and experiences and receive information about events and latest scientific findings.
The magazine is edited by the members of the Elternhilfe, ranging from 80 to 140 pages over it’s 15-year run.
The magazine is divided into five sections, each marked with a different colour.
Opening spreads with full size duplex photography are used to give a short overview of the topics in this issue’s section.
Utilising warm colours, rounded corners and full size photography where possible, we tried to change RETTLAND’s look to accompany the personal stories involved.