Disappointed is a illustrative zine that very personal, it is done independently 
starting fromillustrations, logos, covers, text, layouts, etc. Initiated as an archive 
of work routines, illustrated with a fairly routine work over a period of three years, 
during previous periods of study, which is now being abandoned for many reasons.
Realizing that what has been drawn so far has a common thread with each 
other. Not just the visuals, but what you want to convey and tell the public. 
Contains negative emotions for a sense of disappointment in life.

Unconsciously leave an old identity, and begin to create a new identity, a new 
face (selfbranding). It might be better but feel lost and miss the identity of the 
past, past routines that will become the initial momentum which triggers a good 
effect which is where people can recognize. What is described is a true reflection 
of the face, which is invisible in the body.​​​​​​​
Participated in exhibition “Singapore Artbook Fair Exhibition 2019'', 
curated by Squel Zine, at NTU CCA Singapore.

Disappointed Zine - Vol Unknown