Blame: Music Animation

Blame is a new release of MaWayy (Brian Wayy and Masoud Fuladi), and we were honored to create, tell, draw and animate their song in our way.
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Composed and Produced by Brian Wayy, Masoud Fuladi
Vocals and Lyrics: LaVoyce
Mix Engineer: Austin Leeds
Director: Leo Dinh
Art Director: Kim Phung
Motion Director: Minh Pham

How did they find us?
Is was such an interesting story. A few years back, we did a personal animated video project based on Maps of Maroon 5 and got it hosted it on redcatacademy, our animation academy. Someone downloaded the video and posted it on Fiverr. Apparently they tried to take advantage of our works. It was bad, isn’t it. But thanks to that, Masoud found it and he tried to contacted us for this project. Interesting, right!
The story
The were very open for ideas and suggestions. When they shared the lyrics, our director Leo DINH planned the story and suggested how the animation should work to support the story. Everyone in the MaWayy bought the proposal without rejecting any single ideas. It was a big momentum for us. We were so glad to invest more time into the project as we knew this was the project for us.

This is how our director planned his ideas. Luckily we still got his idea book.
The Styleframes
The client was not hard, but our Director was very strict. Many options were presented, but our artists only depicted what he wanted until the third round.
The animation
We combined many techniques (2D, 3D, frame by frame) into the animation to get all the ideas works. You might not see the differences we tried to match everything to the 2D style. We hope you loved what we did.
Blame: Music Animation