Suspiria Movie Poster
We were commissioned by Amazon Studios
in Los Angeles to create an official movie
poster for Suspiria (2018) directed by
Luca Guadagnino

As well as being a promotional poster for the
movie, we also produced two limited screen
prints. Available to buy here:
Printed by White Duck Editions in Bath, UK.

(The primary Suspiria logotype is created
by Dan Perri, designer of the original
Star Wars logo).
The poster is inspired by the ‘Volk’ dance
performance which appears late in the movie.
The dance is a pivotal scene, full of all
the right kinds of tension and energy.
We created the design as if it were a poster for
Volk, almost so one could imagine the artwork
appearing on a wall within the film itself.

The teeth elements down the side of the poster
are a reference to the floor tiles that feature
in the reception of the dance school.
When two posters are placed side-by-side they
form an arrow just as they do on the floor.
The movement and body shapes in the
routine led us to look for visual inspiration in
Hindu art, specifically depictions of Nataraja,
The Lord of Dance. This triggered the idea of a 
circular shape, representing the cycle of life.
We imagined Dakota Johnson’s hair as fire,
with her holding the fate of the dancers around
her. At the centre an eye shaped opening
reveals itself. All of which hopefully becomes
clearer after experiencing the movie!

The typeface used for the credits is Eurostile,
created by Italian designer Aldo Novarese,
and used on the original poster for Dario
Argento’s original 1977 Suspiria. 
Client: Amazon Studios
All Photography © White Duck Editions

Prints available here:

Suspiria Movie Poster

Suspiria Movie Poster

Movie posters for Suspiria (2018)