Professional Property Management and Self-Management
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A Comparison between Professional Property Management and Self-Management
If you are not into the business of running a rental property and you wonder if it can be profitable, the good news is that it can be more profitable than you may think. Most of the people think of success being a landlord associated with the profit which comes as a result of subtraction of mortgage and other expenses from the rent. Management costs are largely forgotten in this scenario. And we can tell that it can be a mistake not to count the management expenses because it is the effective management which can help you retain your current tenants and attract the future ones.

Having that said, a few pros and cons of professional property management and self-management are worth mentioning here.
- The first and most prominent benefit of self-management is that you get to save the management costs.
- It is a fact that the things you want done in better way should be done by you. This is exactly what you can achieve in certain scenarios when you manage your own property.
When you are managing your own property, you will be able to evaluate tenants in better way.
- When you are the manager of your own property, you can do everything to ensure that you have tenants in all of the units. On the other hand, professional property managers may not give top priority to your property because they have to manage other properties as well.
- Management is not an easy task. You might have to deal with several requirements simultaneously.
- Professional property managers usually have updated information about what does on in real estate. Therefore, they may be able to make informed decisions about the management of your property. If you have that information, you can do the management. Otherwise, you may be playing this game to ultimately fail.
- Another disadvantage of self-management may be related to the marketing. Professional property managers know how exactly a property can be managed in better way.
Professional management of property
- You may have to pay the property managers but it can be worth the relief from stress of managing the property.
- Since property managers are experts in different aspects of the property management, they can help you get better return on your investment.
- Being an owner, you may get overwhelmed by emotions in certain scenarios because there are many types of tenants out there. In this situation, you can possibly make wrong decisions. Professional property managers handle such situations quite superbly.

- Although property managers are professionals, there is still a chance that they may not be able to manage your property in an ideal way due to the fact that they have to manage multiple properties.
- Since there are many property management companies out there, there is a chance of you ending up falling into the hands of nonprofessional people.
- Last but not the least, you will always feel like giving too much to the property management companies because they usually cut 5 – 10 percent of the total rental income in addition to the fees.