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INKTOBER 2018 Creatures from the Dungeon (Part I)
"Creatures from the dungeon...and their stories"


Day 1: McKey the Rogue. 
His young age was not a problem to open the most dangerous doors of the dungeon ... nor to end up split in two by a Grakul of mud.
Day 2: Svinn the gravedigger.
Any good dungeon has its own gravedigger. You can contract them to avoid that, in case you get killed, your body gets eaten by Ghouls, Slims or rats...well maybe Svinn will give rats a little piece.
Day 3: Gruuj Scruugk the reading goblin.
The truth is that Gruuj Scruugk was always the black wojka of the Scruugk family. His brothers killed, burned and butchered for no reason. He only killed, burned and butchered if he could get more books ... BOOKS! His own brothers ended up killing him, burning him and butchering him for it.
Day 4: Segatta, from the Holy Reapers. 
Being the greatest sorceress of The Holy Reapers, a specialized order in cutting incantations and amputating spells, is useless if you do not properly see your targets... "I see them perfectly!" were her last words...

Day 5: Banj the bodyguard. 
As a child she fell into the gunpowder cauldron and since then she hasn't stopped shooting things. If you get to the dungeon with more gold than bravery, you can hire her to protect you. But be generous and pay her well, she always keep one last bullet for these things...
Day 6: Ripnot the Necromancer.
Achondroplasia did not separate him from his dream of becoming one of the great Necromancers of his time. The appearance of hundreds of zombies used to erase the mocking smiles that appeared in the faces of his enemies when he raised his tiny arms in the air.
Day 7: Yehna the scavenger. 
The great treasures of the dungeon are tempting, but much more dangerous than moving in the shadows, searching and looting the corpses of the ones who were tempted by them. Instead of courage, she has a strong stomach, few scruples, and a nose clip.
Day 8: Dull the sharpener (and Ñom the pig). 
As a child, Dull used to take care of the pigs of the family... until one day he discovered what happened to them when they became big and fat. That day he took his favorite pig, Ñom, and left home to never return. Since then, they travel through the dungeon, sharpening the weapons of any warrior in exchange for a coin or fresh carrots. He doesn't do it too well, but at least he sings something while they wait.
Day 9: Boon the noob.
Hundreds of beardless youngsters as Boon run into the dungeons in search of an adventure for which they are not ready or trained. This is why they try to hide their many weaknesses with huge amounts of equipment, which often ends up abandoned along with their corpse.
Day 10: Remi the bard. 
Being a bard in the dungeons is not easy. Serving any rich man who wants you to sing his warlike feats, means getting involved in battles, slaughters and ambushes armed only with a...laud 
Epic rhymes, velvety voice and feline ability to escape without slipping in the pools of blood were the keys to his success.
Day 11: Rakhun, the immortal. 
Recently, Rakhun finally got the most precious gift from Death itself, the gift of immortality, so he broke into the dungeon to conquer it. Someone should have explained to him that immortal doesn't mean invulnerable, and that if an arrow pierces your skull, it does not kill you but it can kill your motor functions. Now he will decorate the dungeon ... forever.
Day 12: Mad Ame the tavern-keeper. 
She traveled the dungeons for years with her wife, until an orc attack took her love, along with her leg. 
Since then she runs the tavern, always with a smily face that does not correspond to what you see in her eyes, and a butcher blade she will use if you cause any problem.

Day 13:Guordwell the scribe.
A too sincere biography of his Lord, was the cause of being sent into the dungeons, to witness and write firsthand the successes of an assault expedition. 
The dungeons are not a place for scribes, nor for cowards...and Guordwell met both requirements to end up impaled on the nearest sword... 

Day 14: Voum, Badda and their cannon Cannon.
A bad hand of cards and three razor slashes to his captain in an alley, made these bombers of the Rurgh army chose desertion, taking his cannon Cannon, a good assortment of ammunition, some pounds of gunpowder and no ear protector.
Now they go through the dungeons, destroying any obstacle in the way. If you need their services, make sure you ​​​​​​​shout a lot.
Vhrug Jula, the cartographer. 
After years of mapping the dungeon, Vhruj decided to open her map shop to help other adventurers. She knows every corridor, well, shortcut, trap and Mohnkgurf hole in the dungeon. 
Today, she is already old and blind, but be careful if you try to take advantage and steal a map, the ones she exhibits in the shop are fake and will take you directly where all the thieves of old ladies should be.

INKTOBER 2018 Creatures from the Dungeon (Part I)

INKTOBER 2018 Creatures from the Dungeon (Part I)