I designed and modeled all the cars in the top down racing game VS. Racing 2. I got a list of different car types (rally car, muscle car etc.) and some suggestions of real world cars to draw inspiration from.
In total there are nine car types plus some hidden bonus cars not shown here. Each car comes in three different color variations. For the street cars this was rather simple but for all the race cars I also had to create livery designs that looked cool. Some of these are fantasy creations and some pay tribute to real life race cars.
The cars were made up as full 3D models in Luxology modo. These models were then used to create the ingame car sprites as well as the menu selection images. As you turn the car in the game the reflection and highlights move around the car to simulate the direction of the sun.
For the menu selection images we decided to use the cars depicted in the midst of action to further establish the look and feel of the different car types.
I was also given the task to design the iOS app icon which can be seen in the first picture together with some examples of the 2D sprites. The colors used for the icon is similar to the icon used for the first VS. Racing game.
Coming from a high poly game background it was refreshing to create cars  where the creation time was counted in days rather than weeks. Tools such as the edge weighting and the new rounded edge shader in modo 601 really helped to speed things up.