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    Maestro Design done while working for NMSU Research IT.
MAESTRO: Online Review System for Research Applications
Design for; logo, website, application UI, process info graphics, support material, icons & buttons.
I created the logo for the online application using two of the secondary colors from the NMSU branding color pallet. This way the look of the application is still linked the NMSU but is independent at the same time with a southwestern feel. I created the logo to represent the meaning of the word Maestro (with the conductor) and to also reflect the function of the application by incorporating squares to represent stylized documents being conducted by the system/maestro.
Infographic: showing the application process that the PI (aka the researcher) needs to go through before beginning their research. The text is placeholder for the actual info.
Above is the proposed user interface design of the actual application itself. (It is still in Beta and not ready for version 2.0 yet).
I also designed the Maestro website with help from my team at Research IT. This site1) is the support content for the application and 2) takes you to the application itself.
These are other variations I created for the homepage of the Maestro site. They both reflect the brand I created for Maestro as well as the nature of the application, its functions, and the target audience and also is tied to NMSU branding through the use of the secondary colors on the NMSU branded color pallet.
This is a horizontal infographic for the homepage of Maestro. It shows an abbreviated version of the application process broken down into 4 easy steps.
These are the unique icons I created for this page that are in the same style as the rest of the Maestro graphics I created. Square not rounded buttons, flat color with a hint of sheen (so they still look like clickable buttons).
This graphic runs along the top of the 'How-To' page. They are clickable drop down buttons that lead the viewer to the help topic they are looking for as well as show the categories of help topics available based on the phase of the application process the user is in.
Thanks for looking!