Phineas & Ferb: Codigo P is the first videogame i have work on using Unity3D and Blender. It was a great experience to learn both new softwares to me.

This is a videogame made for Disney Latino website. The main plot is that you have to help Agent P to defeat Dr Doofenshmirtz. To do that, you have to create combat droids using spare parts and destroy Dr Doof little robots minions.
It was important to have low poly characters and, at the same time, maintain the 2d look of the TV series.

My work was:
I did modeling, texturing and animation of
- Robot parts (hull, weapons and wheels)
- Minion robots (enemies)
- Prize boxes
- Environment ramps and pipes
- Gears (coins)
I also made some VFX such as:
- All robot explotions
- Lasers
- Hit effects
- Box light effects
Programs used:
- Blender
- 3DStudio Max
- Unity3D
- Adobe Photoshop

More game updates coming soon! Weapons, hulls, wheels, missions and new enemies!
Main menu robot
Robot configuration
Robot configuration
Robot configuration
Firing lasers
Clue prize box
Get the gears!
Gears prize box
Discarted hull model
Discarted hull model