With the help of my Brother and Father, I took some shots in a parking lot. While photos where being taken i had to keep in mind that i had to strive for some kind of originality. I try to do this with most of my artwork, keeping things go my way and the style that would best fit.
Doesnt have to much of a step by step of how things where made, but I did the best as I could.
Enjoy and if you feel that it needs Share it around. 
Step 1
Showing the original photo that i had taken that night out.
The quality in this picture caught my eye, and I judged it would be the best fit for what i was planning on doing
Step 2 
In this step i finally alined my ideas and implimented them in this semi edit.
Only cropping and fixxing some details with lighting and shadows.
Step 3
In the Final Step I went to work with more complicated editing in photoshop and seeing what would fit best. Adding brushes where it need be and other type of skill set, helping me getting the outcome I enjoyed seeing.