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    Here are some projects that I liked or have fun with over the course of almost nine years of servitude in advertising. Some of them even got a wi… Read More
    Here are some projects that I liked or have fun with over the course of almost nine years of servitude in advertising. Some of them even got a widely appreciation. All work is art directed and designed by me for Imago Advertising Agency, Zagreb, unless stated otherwise. More advertising treasury upon request. Read Less
Here are some projects I picked from my advertising compendium over the course of nine years fun servitude in the branch raising Croatian consumerism.

(check also 3 projects from the same period outside of this project due to a bigger volume and significance)

Projects: ATL campaigns - tv, print and web, video concepts, communication, brand and creative strategies, events, consulting, naming, package design etc.

Leading Art Director on ATL campaigns
- Raiffeisen Bank, Croatia (2.5 years)
- Media Publishing Company (2 years)

Art and creative direction; incl. brand and creative strategy for fashion clients
- Guliver (leading Croatian manufacturer of leather and leather goods) image campaigns - see another project here on Behance
- Goldenpoint - fashion show
- Urban Republic- video concepts and graphics for cinema ads
- Mondays - shoe store for business women; brand name, identity, store concept

Other clients: T-Com, mobile operators, Nike - event, magazines, food and beverage companies, pharmacy, institutions, charity etc. 

All work is art directed and designed by me for Imago Advertising Agency, Zagreb, unless stated otherwise.

Scroll to the bottom for the full-commercial experience. 

TV, AD, WEB Campaign For T-Com, T-portal, 2006

The service we were approached for a campaign was Fonoteka - the new service of T-portal for music  download purchasing. The star of campaign was very popular Croatian rock star Davor Gobac.
Why is he without his trousers off?! Here is the explanation:
The campaign was formed around punch line of the campaign "Download your favorite music performers from fonoteka.tportal.hr". The whole catch is a language word play - Croatian term we use for download is the same one we use for take off your clothes.
Here is the link for the video. Prepare yourself to reveal more.
Print ad (with peel off post-it) and poster (image below)
Vecernji list award for best print ad, 2006

Festo (the most esteamed Croatian Advertising Festival):
Finalist in categories:
tv ad(retail), newspaper ad (retail) , creative use of media (print)

TV animation proposals for news intro for 24sata TV, 2012

Creative concept, graphics, motion visuals and the course of animation designed by me.

Short intro animation proposal for breaking news and full intro animation proposal for prime time news (below)

Media Publishing House, 24SATA

Corporate Communication Ads and the super-commercial daily manufactured ads and video concepts for the most read daily newspapers in Croatia

VIP Re-branding - Grey World Wide, Zagreb feat. Wolf Ollins, London (2005 /2006)

I was a part of the team who worked on the re-branding of VIP, Croatian largest mobile operator.

The guidelines, key visuals and the branding strategy were delivered by branding agency Wolf Ollins, London but every single thing that existed in Vip's portfolio plus some new stuff needed to be designed and produced in pretty short period. 
It was a huge, challenging and an interesting project and above all great experience.
Logo and key launch campaign visuals
Brochure design and many accessorizes that I designed and/or branded 

Projects for Raiffeisen Bank

It's hard to pick from this box since I've spent two and half years as an Art Director and a graphic designer on a client - Raiffeisen bank. Guidelines, brand book, a lot of yellow was quite a challenge in pushing boundaries creatively and visually but I had a really good time with projects and my ever-changing team.

Here are some projects that fought successfully the strict visual code.

Campaign for Raiffeisen Pension Funds: You've got 1000 questions? We've got 1000 answers.

Brochure with the info (below)
Print ads created for newspapers spreads
Covers and some spread pages for Annual Reports and some ads that tried to stand out

Prize wining game ads and TV concept animation and graphics done by me / Smart Spending, Smart Driving

Imago - Self Promo

"Mini Copy Ideas" are actually just that in form of gift cards and it works like this: when you lack the ideas about names, excuses, facebook stats, asking out someone... just put that on writing and send via txt message with your code and the answer will come to you. Imago's finest copywriters are doing it for you.

Pharmacy ad proposals for Meralys, JGL

Meralys provides relief from blocked nose and helps you breathe normally so you can fully enjoy your life.
Enjoy your life fully is rough translation of a Croatian title and idea is also highlighted with illustrations
(i.e. for a little girl: cakes, mum smells nice, first snow etc. and for adults his or her perfume, wine, smell of sea, lavender, chocolate etc.)

Food and Beverage Ads / Proposals 

Various ads and proposals within a food and beverage group, one of the biggest and most prominent Croatian industry

Fashion: video concepts and graphics

Video concepts and graphics for cinema ads for 2 different seasons of the then popular teen clothing brand Urban Republic 


- one of the many birthdays of Media Publishing House - art direction, video graphics, concept ideas, invitations
- NIKE, We Run Zagreb - graphic design, adjustments, proposal
- Goldenpoint - solo fashion show for the Italian label in Zagreb with the most popular Croatian models and production - art and creative direction done by me - from graphics, invitations, music to press etc.