How Beneficial Are the Dental Sealants for Your Childre
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How Beneficial Are the Dental Sealants for Your Children
Dental sealants are put in place in order to cover the grooves present in the back teeth, or molars, of your child. Now, most of the parents do not have any idea when back teeth arrive in the children’s mouths at the age of 6. And these are the teeth which do not replace any milk teeth. In other words, these are often the first permanent teeth the children get.

The grooves present in these molars are usually quite deep. When children eat their foods, the food particles tend to get trapped in the grooves. Moreover, it is going to be very difficult for the toothbrush’s bristles to clean the grooves. Having that said, the risk for cavities in this regard is quite higher more specifically when your child has a sweet tooth.

Now, the best way to deal with this situation is to get preemptive by asking the dentist to cover the teeth with dental sealants. It is now the parents’ job to make sure that they take their kids to the dentist as soon as they see the molar erupting.

Good thing about dental sealant is that it can be applied to the teeth through a painless and convenient method. It is going to last for not more than just a few minutes. First, the dentist will clean the tooth. Then it will be dried. An acidic gel is going to be used for the purpose of etching the surface on which the sealant has to be applied. This etching allows the tooth to get the capability to get hold of the sealant after it gets hardened.
The main procedure of covering tooth with dental sealant involves the use of resin which is a material composed of plastic and glass. After it is brushed on the grooves, a special curing light is used in order to harden the sealant.

One of the great benefits of dental sealant is that it reduces the chances of cavities by 80%. After your children get sealants, they are more likely to have cavity free teeth for many years to come. By the time they will have the sealant wearing off, they will gain some maturity and they would have learnt about the taking care of their dental hygiene.

Another benefit is that you will be able to save thousands of dollars which you are going to spend in case any dental health complication occurs in the teeth of your child. Sealant will help you prevent those conditions.

So, as soon as your child gets the first molar erupted, you need to take them to the dentist to get their teeth covered with this layer of protection.