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    Motorcycle drawings commissioned by Classified Moto for a new poster series.
Artwork completed for Classified Moto promotional posters, shirts, "tiny tees", and a custom seat. 
Classified Moto specializes in alt-moto customs. http://classifiedmoto.com/
Adult shirts, for sale at classifiedmoto.com
Looser drawings of the bikes were used for these Tiny Tees, available online at classifiedmoto.com.
Screen-printed "Eco Moto Prints"
Custom bike build from Classified Moto. What's the seat made from, you ask? A skate deck? Yes! And what's that red paint peeping out from below? A custom painting by me, you probably didn't ask? Why, yes.
Full painting below.
Custom-painted skate deck for the bike's seat. A fun surprise below the butt. Inspired by the bike's commissioned owner, whose last name means "fox" in French. 
Travel back in time for a look at the future of custom motorcycles. Classified Moto XV920R. 2012.