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The sound of the Basque Country

We were commissioned to create the new audio branding for the four channels of ETB, highlighting their individual character whilst ensuring they share the same core: the Basque Country's ancestral quality, while also preserving its modern characteristics.
Creative process
Origins and soundscapes

In order to endow the channel with the cultural, ancestral and contemporary essence of the Basque Country, we decided to search for soundscapes that defined the area: the wind, the sea and the forest. Among the local sounds that we discovered, we found the txalaparta particularly fascinating; a traditional percussion instrument that offered the most organic and authentic notes for our soundscape.
The sound of collision. A creative big bang.

The syncopated structure of the txalaparta’s sound is at the heart of this audio branding. The dialogue created by the collision between wooden sticks and strips of alder, chestnut or ash is related to the open and cooperative character of the Basque society’s cultures.
Sampling basque soundscapes
In addition to the wood, we’ve included many metallic sounds, specifically, iron, an essential material that reminded us of the sober and abstract sculptures created by the local artists Oteiza and Chillida.
The combination of the elements

In order to define the identity of each of the four channels, we assigned different tones and textures closely related to each channel’s programming.
Finally, inspired by the transient sound of the txalaparta, we created crashes with sounds such as synthesizers, violins and guitars, instruments that are not originally connected to the Basque Country’s traditional sounds, but that contributed a more international texture that connects with other cultures.

Audio logos: 4 channels, 4 blows
With each of the channels, we incorporated the same number of blows as the name suggests.
i.e.: ETB 1, one blow, ETB 2, two blows and so on. A composition of simple and communicative acoustic signals, which makes individual identification possible, even without having to resort to visual reinforcements.

Design & Direction : Comodo Screen
Animation : Francesc Deriba
Audio Branding : Banjo soundscapes
the Banjo Soundscapes team
EiTB | Audio Branding

EiTB | Audio Branding

audio rebrand for the four channels of ETB TV

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