Original Client Website
PAYMINT Website Redesign / Online Presence
Websites are unique, and we know full well that each person or company has specific needs and desires. Our aim is to make your website stronger and more useful for you and your customers. First, we meet and assess what works and what does not with your current website, what you want to keep and what you want to change. Next, we identify problem areas and how to make improvements. After you approve of all changes, we hit the ground running to ensure timely delivery of your new website. Updating the site map
Reorganizing existing content and identifying where new information will go. Reviewing competitor websites to compile effective keywords and search-engine optimization (SEO). The Awesome team at Paymint approached me to redesign the existing look and feel of their website. Add functional design and visually encaptivate their corporate users. We added new home and product pages. An extensive use of fresh HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and Bootstrap 4.4.3 compliance. We started off by migrating existing content to new site, Optimization for mobile, Code and browser testing, Analytics setup, through Google and others, to capture site user data, Putting the site to work to see how it handles video, images, text, and then making necessary adjustments, New site host setup, Domain Name System (DNS) transfer, Setting up email, Going live.

We also achieve excellent results in Analytics: We compile usage data and distill it down into simple terms so you know what’s working and what’s not. Blogs and Email Marketing: We integrated them into the new website and give them the same look. 

We promoted the new site during a sales presentation through Visual Design, Animations for Social Media and Motion Graphics using Adobe After Effects Creative Cloud 2018 Release, Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud 2018 Release, Adobe Illustrator Creative Cloud 2018 Release, Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud 2018 Release, Adobe Experience Design Creative Cloud XD 2018 Release, Bootstrap Studio 4.4.3 Release, InVision 2018 Release Online Application for Mobile UI/UX Prototyping Wireframe Sketch. We used a basic hardware setup - NVIDIA Geforce 560 TI Cuda Engine 768 Cores and Asus P8Z68-V PRO Motherboard.
Paymint Logo Concept
Paymint Prepaid Card Variations
Paymint Corporate Tee
Paymint Logo Signage
Paymint Mobile Optimised Website for Apple iPhone X
Social Media Video