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    Branding and promotions for a fictional circus museum named after famous female lion/tiger tamer/trainer Mabel Stark.
This museum aims to educate and inform people about the history of the circus.  A permanent exhibition will be present at the museum, dedicated to Mabel Stark, who the museum is named after. The exhibition will display taxidermy animals from different eras of the circus, focusing not only on the positive but also the inhumane and cruel elements of the circus.  Other temporary exhibitions will be present throughout the year.
To accompany the branding for the museum, I have included designs for a booklet, introducing the circus and Mabel Stark to visitors. As well as a website, a custom typeface and an invitation to the opening.
The museums custom typeface: Mabel Stark Regular
The museum's leaflet:
Museum promotional posters (Landscape & Portrait:
Invite to museum opening:
Mock up for museum website home page:
Tote bags, promotional / to be sold in gift shop: