Brief Festival 18
Brief Festival 18
- λóγος, A MYTHS STORY -

Humanity has always been questioning everything that surrounds it.
People need to know why and everything they can’t explain rationally is shown through a story. All these stories use fantasy, imagination and creativity to try to understand life.
Every society through the ages has had their own, for the Greeks they were myths and are the origin for λóγος as knowledge.
Pleid Studio has been inspired by these mythological stories to imagine a universe full of iconic elements to create a poetic environment where everything is possible. Minotaur’s labyrinth, Icarus, the Mermaids and Pandora’s Box are represented in a very abstract and conceptual way that also respond to the fourth elements, earth, air, water and fire.

Direction: Pleid Studio
Art and Animation Direction: Juanma Mota y Alberto Carbonell
Graphic and Title Design: Rebeka Arce
Music and Sound Design: Father
Title Design: Rebeka Arce
Title Animation: Nacho Velasco

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Brief Festival 18