MY VICTORIA by Francesco Durante Viola

Twenty six year old Fabio is an Italian born Photographer, working in a West End pub in order to support his Art.  Having hit a wall on his latest project and exhausted by the routine of bar tending, Fabio finds a renewed motivation when he meets Vicky, a much older woman who ignites a curiosity in him. Throughout his shift, Fabio’s attention is continuously drawn to this flirtatious, vibrant woman. Fabio’s curiosity and Vicky’s playfulness bring together two lonely people, an unlikely pairing which sparks the start of something wonderful.


In the industry, some call him Crazy Fingers and he doesn’t know that. Because his fingers, so chunky and wrinkled, are so rapid. Beppe Loda is the most renowned ‘Afro’ style DJ in the world. A pioneer. Resident at Typhoon in Brescia, the unofficial birthplace of Afro Cosmic, from 1982, Beppe suddenly disappears in 1993 – no phone number nor address – leaving behind just a distant memory.

Up until 2005 when the Americans started looking for him.

LAIKA STARDUST by Antonin Bobó

"Laika Stardust" it's an experimental short set in the household of an upper class Italian family, in the not-too-distant future. Each family member is captivated by their use of technology, almost to the point of obsession.
When the child becomes seriously ill, his mother begins to unravel and we discover the hidden truth behind her heartbreak… 

SYA by Dan Sowter

In the small town of Quaint, Bruce Levin (Adam Templar) owns a respectable B&B establishment. Sleeping around with various women behind his wife's back, he does not realise that his actions are soon to catch up with him in the form of a mysterious traveller, Sya (Inna Bagoli). Trying to mend relationships with his deranged mistress Veronica (Rita do Vale Capela) and wife Maria (Maribeth Dixon), he must face the wrath of their interlocking vendettas.


Nomad City Blues tells the story of Liam, a busker or street performer, who fought for the IRA during The Troubles and left his country many years ago.
He lives in London under another identity, carrying the burden of the crimes he committed.
His only friend Yusef, the oldest son of a Pakistani family living next to him, in a council estate, is recently spending a lot of time with men who are manipulating him.
Liam decides to stop the boy from doing something he would regret forever.
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