Airbnb Traveler
Airbnb Traveler
An Airbnb feature that creates a curated list of homes and experiences based on your 'traveler type'

We at Airbnb are developing a listing locator function centered around the the traveler and why they are traveling, called Airbnb Traveler, to help users of all traveler types solve pains of booking rental in a location incompatible with their traveler type.

Why we’re better: A Person's traveler type can range from a History Hunter to a Die Hard Partier,  and we will make it convenient for them to achieve their ideal travel experience by placing them in a location compatible with their reason for traveling. We treat every type of traveler equally and will present accommodations based off of what a user has indicated what their traveler type to be, in locations they want to be in. Travelers will also be able to explore different traveler types without the pressure of travel research and uncertainty of authenticity.

Why we’re believable: Airbnb already has a huge user base of guests and hosts across the world, totaling over 4 million listings in 191 countries. We also host hundreds of experiences that range from intimate concerts, classes, and dining. Thus ensuring that a traveler reaches their perfect destination.


AirBnB was designed to provide a travel accommodation alternative to hotels that allows guests to be more immersed and connected to their travel destinations. We have observed that our product or service is not placing guests in their ideal locations when traveling, which is causing travelers to cancel their stays, distrust Airbnb, and forgo our services. How might we improve a traveler’s compatibility with their accommodations, their location, and activities so that our traveler’s reduce their cancellations, Improve their satisfaction with Airbnb, increase conversions, and increase user retention.


During our user interviews, survey and competitive analysis, we discovered that users are multiple travelers on different occasions, with different travel expectations. Therefore, we believe that accommodating to a user’s constantly changing traveler type will reinforce a users reliability and excitement in using Airbnb. We might be able to help if we improve Traveler placement based on the type of traveler a user has indicated to be. This way, users can book accommodations in areas that specifically cater to their expectations. Doing this will increase conversions, decrease cancellations, increase user retention, and increase user satisfaction.

Lo-fi Wireframe Prototype
Airbnb Traveler