Friozinho is the main character of one of Brazil's most well known retail campaigns, airing every year since 1962. He is a magical being whose job is to bring winter to Brazil every year. But brazilians aren't very fond of cold weather, you know? So Friozinho knocks and knocks, but no one ever let him in. But when Friozinho stops trying and an unbearable heat wave sets in, it will be up to Pedro, a very adventurous boy, his Mother, and Friozinho's dog Alaskão to bring Friozinho back and convince the world that all Friozinho ever wanted was to draw people together with a nice weather.

Writer and Director: Jannerson Xavier
Executive Producers: Jannerson Xavier, Marcelo Moreno, Daniel Kano
Producer: Marcelo Moreno
Art Director: Daniel Kano
Character Designer:
Amália Lage
Background Designer: Victor Tchaba
Background Artist: Mateus Carvalho
Storyboard and Animatic: Victor Tchaba
Animation: Split Studio
Sound and Music: Jacarandá
Post-Production: Histeria!
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Friozinho - O desenho animado