Body Typeface Superfamily with FOUR FREE WEIGHTS

Body is a type super-family in four weights, four widths and two variants, designed for Zetafonts by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini with Andrea Tartarelli, and conceived as a contemporary alternative to modernist super-families like Univers or Helvetica.

Body has two variant styles: Body Grotesque applies to the sans serif skeleton little imperfections and quirks inspired by early 20th century type specimens, while Body Text challenges the modernist aesthetics maximizing horizontal lines and using open terminals for letters like "s" and "a" that appear usually dark in modern grotesques. 

All the 64 fonts in the Body superfamily include a complete latin extended character set with small caps for over seventy languages, russian cyrillic, open type positional numbers, stylistic sets and alternate forms. Body family includes four totally free weights as well full noncommercial trial versions.​​

Download 4 completely free weights or get the full family on

Body Typeface Superfamily with FOUR FREE WEIGHTS
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