Kloof ('Ravine') is a story with a simple message: Love can bridge the greatest divide. We were asked to design the poster for this beautiful Short Film. We decided to create the poster by hand, as this really captures the emotional, almost melancholic, journey this film takes you on. The strong contrast of black vs. white further pushes the concept of 'divide' but also relates back to other controversial themes within the film. Overall, we aimed for an abstract, almost surreal ('dreamy') feel as the way in which the film is edited creates a bit of a blurred line between the 'now', the past and the present. Furthermore, to tie the figurative back to the literal, we based our drawing on an abstract 'ravine' type of landscape (body of water shaped by rocks) when viewed from above.
Mark-making process
Poster including credits
Film Teaser
Concept + Design: Blood, Sweat + Polony 
Kloof is Written + Directed by Gerhard Pretorius

Thank you for viewing, we appreciate it.