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    This are a series of quirky and whimsical illustrations made in 2012 for several clients and organizations.
Sound Creature for David Kamp
This is my creature for the David Kamp´s Sound Creatures Archive project. 

The Hexobranchia.
Hexobranchia at David Kamp´s Sound Creatures Website
About the project: Composer David Kamp ventured into the wilds beyond his studio to record the noises coming from the undergrowth and then asked a host of illustrators to create fictional animals to accompany his collection of disembodied sounds.

Check out all tha amazing creatures by amazing artists and the amazing sounds from the sound creator extraordinaire David Kamp! only at
Laptop case illustration - Blika
This is an illustration comissioned by Blika for a laptop case. It features some geeky gags and plays with the shape of some classic computers, like the P.E.T. resembling Darth Vader, or an old transistor computer being too fat.

Ammo Magazine - Heroes

Illustration for Ammo Magazine, UK.
Toffie Pop 2012

A poster done for the Toffie Pop Festival held in Cape Town, South Africa. Toffie pop is a 3-day festival and conference, focusing on contemporary popular culture, design, music, magazine publishing, art and everything else that relates to everyday pop culture.

This poster was for an exhibit about soccer, and the phrase I was commisioned to illustrate was "Diego Maradona asks for the ball even in a mine field" (Diego Maradona la pide hasta en un campo minado)
Illustration for the exhibition "Industria Argentina" held at Tecnópolis. This illustrations depicts the creation and evolution of Argentina´s most notorious milk empire, Mastellone Hermanos. It shows the way from the humble beginnings to the ultra technological industry it became today.
Nathan Jurevicius´s Scary Girl 10th Anniversary Show
This is an illustration for Nathan Jurevicius´s Scary Girl 10th Anniversay Show held at ToyTokyo Gallery in New York. It features my own rendition of Nathan´s character: Dr. Maybe.
Bicicleta Magazine
Illustration made for Bicileta Magazine.
Raygun52 Project - "El Rayo" Solar Gamma Ray Convector Weapon
My submission for the Raygun52 project! A new raygun concept every week!
Check it out!
Illustration for Bazar Freak
Illustration made for to be featured in postcards and shopping bags.