Wayfinding system 
in Nikiszowiec

Katowice, Poland

Nikiszowiec is a historical district in Katowice (Poland). Initially it was coal miners' settlement 
of Giesche mine built on the land of Gieschewald manor (Giszowiec) between 1908–1918 
on the mining – metallurgical concern initiative. The remnants of the original workers' housing 
estate familoks (specialized multi-family residences) comprise one of Poland's official national 
Historic Monuments and tracked by the National Heritage Board of Poland.

We had a great opportunity to design a wayfinding system for a walking route 
in this place. Our role was to fit in the mood of the buildings. They were all built using brick 
(now in the brownish tone). And what’s characteristic – every inhabitant painted its window bay
with bright red colour. That’s why we have chosen narrow range of colours: 
red, brown and white.

Each point on a walking route have received its unique pictogram. They make the sights 
more recognizable and give a pleasent look to all information carriers.

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Design: Blank Studio
Aleksandra Krupa, Bartłomiej Witański, Jakub Cikała
Font used: Chamber Sans Pro

Year of project: 2015
Year of implementation: 2018

Photo credits: Michał Jędrzejowski

Firslty, please take a look how beautiful Nikiszowiec is:

And now that's how we tried to refer to its beauty:

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Wayfinding system in Nikiszowiec / Katowice