HBO: Stories Like No Other
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HBO: Stories Like No Other
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For decades, every HBO show has started with the iconic "Click On" TV static. On one hand, an anachronistic aesthetic derived from analog technology. But on the other hand, an instantly recognizable intro that viewers associate with the amazing shows HBO creates.

We wanted to leverage the success of the static, but also go beyond that and give it a purpose: as a connective tissue between HBO shows. A visualization of their DNA; turning it into a dimensional object that can transform into anything, but always beginning and ending as a field of static. 


I have put together a collection of frames and process work we made while creating this piece. The initial concept was spearheaded by Griffin Frazen, and continued by Max Strizich, Austin Marola, and Isaac Taracks.
Initial design by Griffin Frazen
Motion test by Austin Marola and Dan Fine
Additional explorations by Max Strizich
Motion test by Max Strizich, edited by Rachel Ambelang
Further exploration by Austin Marola, Max Strizich, and Isaac Taracks

Produced by Imaginary Forces​​​​​​​

Creative Director: Jeremy Cox
Executive Producer: Jon Hassell
Head of Production: Aleen Kim
Producer: Lisa Muñoz
Designers: Griffin Frazen, Max Strizich, Henry Chang, Ann Kreutzkamp
Lead Animator: Austin Marola
Animators: Henry Chang, Nathan Goodell, Dan Fine, Isaac Taracks, Nick Woythaler, Frankie Principe
Compositor: Chris West
Editor: Rachel Ambelang
Coordinator: Meredith Engstrom
Design Intern: Adam Doyle
HBO: Stories Like No Other

HBO: Stories Like No Other



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