This large display (2.5m long) is made of a single piece of foamex material and printing by Quarmby Colour in Leeds. It is in a room which is used for our older students (16-18 years old) to study. 
I like the 'advertising style' displays as they have a simple message and one large image, in contrast to most displays in schools which are full of images and writing. The quote "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." is by Nelson Mandela (Wednesday July 16, 2003) who incidentally opened Mnyakanya High School and the photo is of one of our students in a Primary school working together with a pupil in Eshowe, South Africa. Our students who visit South Africa always comment on how education is prized in the Zulu population and we think the quote is  important and relevant for our pupils in the UK too.
The photo we used was only 320kb on a 2MP camera but it looks really good when blown up. The text and logos are all vectors so looked sharp.
The display was recieved well by our staff and students, who appreciated the scale (which is unusual for a single image display in the UK).
I particularly like looking at the display from the far end of the room.
The original image