Festival of International Student Theatre 2012
The Creative Director and Manager of FIST (Festival of International Student Theatre in
Belgrade) contacted me after seeing some of my collages and asked if I would help out with promoting the event with a similar design.
With a very small amount of time and a big amount of enthusiasm, we established the 2012 festival's look.

That year, the theme of the festival was “Artivism” - a mixture of art and activism, hence the fist dipped in color on the first and main promotional poster.The other two posters following the first one are best understood together, symbolizing the fact that everything starts with a creative idea but also needs a strong voice for those ideas to be clearly heard. 
A playful contrast was achieved with different colors, elements and forms that where later stretched out throughout other festival components and elements.
Media passes
FIST 08 programme
FIST 08 flyer and programme
Online poster for FIST radio
Snippet from FIST ​sponsorship offer
Online poster for FIST's play
Fist 08 website (above) and "Thank you for your attention" sponsorship snippet (below)
Thank you!