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    The Behance team re-imagined as ZOMBIES!!!!!!
Recently an awesome app became available on the iOS app store called DEAD YOURSELF. Based off of the popular series The Walking Dead on AMC, this app allows you to take ANY "selfie" pic and turn someone into a REAL animated corpse resurrected by mystical means ! I was the first one to get "BITTEN" by the app in the office....and I decided to infect everyone else.....
Can you guess which zombie each one of your favorite Behance Team Members are? Respond in the comments !
Shot with: iPhone 5 x Dead Yourself App ( iOS )

Inspired by: WALKING DEAD


Alex Lee                        Michael Klein
Jackie Balzer                 Dave Stein
Roxanne Schwartz          Jenn Godbout
Scott Belsky                  Dallas Simpson
Raewyn Brandon             Ko Uchiyama
Matias Corea                  Kevin Ran
Matt Lebrun                   Jess Lissy
John Refano                  Chris Henry
Sean Blanda                  Eric Snowden
Alex Krug                      Dmitry Traytel
Clement Faydi                Zach McCullough
Will Allen                       Alison Thornsberry 
Mell Perling                    Nina Paige
Malcolm Jones               Oscar R. Orozoco
Jocelyn Glei                  Bryan Latten
Sarah Rapp                   Nami Berglund
Chris Fortier