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    Final Project for Design Science, an ongoing exploration of hyperbolic surfaces and their properties
exploration of hyperbolic surfaces which are created by a uniform tessellation of identical polygons
experimenting how different shapes change the structure of a hyperbolic surface
the hyperbolic geometry is similar to the ruffles of lettuce and convoluted structure of coral
Connecting seven equilateral trinagles at one point creates a warped surface (hyperbolic)
five quadrilaterals to one point
tapered shapes make the surface stretched and flattened
the structure grows out from a centerpoint, similar to a lotus leaf
coloring the top surface of the folded shape creates a fading pattern
pattern sketches
the branching pattern in plants can be found in the hyperbolic surface
changing the shapes of the quadrilaterals creates a bulging surface pattern
light bounces around the angled surfaces, creating a glow (mylar and vellum)
defining the one continuous edges help to visualize the amount of surface area in the shape