Element B
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I’m Element B


Element B
Intrigued by Berlin’s liveliness, we drew our inspiration for the development of the corporate design of this office building from the city’s diversity itself. We derived the name and the appearance from an element of the periodic table, as we saw similarities with Berlin’s celebrated variety. Located on Brunnenstraße in the trendy Brunnenviertel, the letter “B” was an obvious choice. For a neighborhood filled with art galleries and life, we didn’t want our designs to appear too sterile and technical though. Hence we left the chemistry lab and filled the pages with colours, pictures of food, street art, and of course some Berliners.
Client: Quest Investment GmbH
Role: Strategy / Creative-Direction / Design
Discipline: Corporate identity / Website / Photography / Promotional materials
For more information about this project visit our website Room meets Freiland
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Element B
Multiple Owners