On the streets of Shanghai, a Red Flash appeared, Flower coat, Wu Kong Mask, Skateboard ⏤ KONG.
KONG is constantly practicing and only hopes to be the greatest skater. He likes Speed and Ollie Trick , and as long as he is there, Anywhere will become his X-Sport Ground.
Until the emergence of the dual personality SIXX, a Negative personality hiding deep inside...
∙ Price : 280 US (Free Shipping for pre-order)
∙ Limited to 500 pieces Worldwide
∙ Available to ship on Q1,2019
∙ Pre-order on Oct 10, 2018 ,at www.jtstudio.com.tw 
11:59 pm Taiwan 
10:59 am New York
04:59 pm Berlin
∙ How to get Fiery Mask:
When pre order start within 24 hour and the person who purchased wang please provide us number card of wang or purchase record will get the free mask