Andslite LED Lantern-cum-Torch
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    Design of an LED based Lantern cum Torch for Andslite
Andslite LED Lantern-cum-Torch
Triple mode Lantern-cum-torch for the suburban Indian market

Andslite is an Indian high-volume manufacturer of LED torchlights and lanterns for the rural market. This new range was created for their first foray into the newly emerging suburban market. The brief was to create a low-cost, simple to use product that would combine the uses of a Lantern as well as a torch into one product.

A minimal, easily recognisable form,in bright eye-catching colours was proposed.The handle can be swivelled into three positions as per the functional need to act as a task light or a lantern or a torch.The switch can also be set to three different modes as per the usage. On the engineering front,the challenge was to combine the reflector dome of the torch and the LED cluster of the  lantern into a single body yet reduce the number of components and make them easier to mould & assemble.