Molodo Zeleno
Interior Design
Architects: balbek bureau Slava Balbek​, Anna Kruglova, Elena Kruglova
Junior Architect: Daryna Shpuryk
Product Designer: Sasha Kozynets
Project Area: 1400 sq. m
Project Year: 08/2017 - 04/2018
Location: Lviv, Ukraine
Photo credits: Yevhenii Avramenko
The Pub is located in Lviv city center, in a three-storey converted industrial building. Two large rooms on the ground floor and enclosed cobblestone courtyard have been integrated into the Pub’s design. Our idea was to open up the space to the outside world, visually uniting the courtyard with the main room of the Pub - by letting in as much sunlight as possible, by scattering a plentiful of green leafy plants around the premises, and by incorporating in the interior some elements that are normally used outdoors, and associated with gardens. 

To achieve this, we first of all removed the windowsills of the main façade, thus enlarging the windows; incorporated wicker chairs and mosaic tabletops in the interior; used decorative outdoor tiles as the facing of the bar counter. As a result, we created an airy space with the room seemingly extending into the courtyard terrace, more prominently so in the summertime, when the doors are open and the air is floating freely, bringing the outside world indoors.

The two rooms share a centrally located bar counter and a large light box, the focal points of the Pub. Besides serving its main purpose, the counter is designed to join the two main rooms, to conceal bar equipment. The second room is designed to accommodate larger groups of guests. The distinctive feature of this room is a set of massive, solid oak dining tables that we thought would evoke an association with a beer festival.
Molodo Zeleno
Multiple Owners
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