I have been part of the art team at Inside Soap magazine since 2018, first on a maternity cover and now one day a week. My current job involves supporting the team on press day and at busy times of the year by producing lots of fast and fun news and features pages to a very tight schedule. I've even had the opportunity to design a fake front page for the legendary Walford Gazette!
A dramatic opening spread to kick the issue off in style. The blood splatter is one of Inside Soap's most-used graphics – the soaps can be very dangerous!
A special Christmas issue feature, with added sparkles!
Another Christmas special – with added wintery scene out of the windows, which were actually in a Manchester photo studio.
Sometimes, the pictures supplied by the soaps for a particular week can be lacking a certain something. It's our job to add dramatic fireballs as required.
You don't have to work on Inside Soap for very long to know that if there is a massive sink plunger in a picture, it's already one of the most exciting and dynamic shots you'll have in the whole issue. So make sure everyone can see the plunger.
A super-sized festive version of Inside Soap's legendary Hits & Misses target.
A dramatic storyline-based news page.
One of my Soapbox illustrations – a front page of the legendary Walford Gazette. I spent six years working in regional newspapers at the start of my career, which I knew would come in handy at some point.
Instagram can be a great source for pictures, and I use clever retouching and state-of-the-art AI to make heavily filtered star pictures look cover-worthy.
If in doubt, stick in a spread about a dog.
Cheeky TV section layout.
TV publicity pictures can be quite static, so it's good to pop out heads, wheels and anything else wherever possible.
A busy Inside Soap Yearbook layout.
Inside Soap

Inside Soap