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    Some illustrated Lunchboxes for children

i wanted to design some lunchboxes and a flap for my children.

LUNCHBOX HUNGRY 1: i ve started with the witch illustration for my older daughter. the cat i took from my first childbook, and i reworked the shapes to have a consistent clear an graphical look.  The which is from a childbook project where i am not sure if i like to continue.

LUNCHBOX HUNGRY 2: for my 3 years old son i decided to draw some animals in a food pattern. But it didn't looks  so good an i thought i need a eye-catcher and more balance. so i draw a giraffe which is one of his favorite animals. but i didn't like the square format so i ordered the food in a circle to get a cleaner an more impressive look.

after that i created another version based on the second one. for my godchild i draw a hungry lion, and but i in the middle. it should look a little bit like the one from my zoo childbook but i wanted him in a stylisher look. I created some new food objects too, because i really enjoy to draw theme.
I ve changed the colors a bit (more red tones) and put another animal on it to have another nice lunchbox.